Mind your Message teaches you the essential elements of communication. All in less than an hour.


We offer two versions. A Personal Edition for $99 and a more robust Enterprise Edition that can be customized for your company.

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“I must say I owe you a great debt of gratitude in helping me clean up my “thinking” and get more logical. This has improved our thinking, increased consistency and predictability in our pitches and gained us internal recognition…we continue to owe you folks a great debt of gratitude.”

Mohit Shenoy, Domain Head, Wipro Consulting

“Just want to let you know that it WORKED!! I could hardly believe it. Everyone knows how difficult it is to change my boss’ decision. I can really testify that the structure worked – he nodded at everything I said in and almost came up with the question himself. Then as you suggested, present solution, don’t outline problem. I even got some additional thoughts for the last and most difficult bit regarding reporting structure to position this as a win-win-win solution. He bought in and we even agreed the next steps exactly as I outlined. It’s somehow magic, I have never had such smooth “negotiation” with my boss before. He was very supportive to provide me with the opportunity to put the team together. Sincere thanks!”

Jie Shen, Global Brand Pricing & Reimbursement Director, Novartis