The course is presented in three chapters. Each chapter is broken into manageable lessons that build on each other. With an eye towards practicality, each lesson is designed for immediate application.

By going through the course, participants learn a process to create persuasive communication that can be applied to a wide spectrum of situations.

  • Start Smart: the course begins with a foundational discussion of who the audience is. It covers the kinds of questions participants should be asking about who the audience is as well as what they want that audience to do.
  • Create a Single Minded Message: this chapter covers the components of and process for creating persuasive content. By persuasive we mean content that is focused,
  • logical and having sufficient detail to convince and move an audience to action.
    Make it Memorable: making content memorable is essential. This chapter covers key elements that help make a message stick: stories, analogies, repetition and interactivity.
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